10 Steps to ‘Start your own Business’ in the UK

How to formally start your own business?; Where do you start? And what rules, laws and regulations you have to take into account?  It’s the question that many starting entrepreneurs ask themselves. With this step-by-step plan we will make you legally and officially ready for the start of your company in the below mentioned countries … Continue reading 10 Steps to ‘Start your own Business’ in the UK

F.A.I.L (Part 2)

You should see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow in your business: F.A.I.L.: First Attempt in Learning. Did you already read F.A.I.L Part 1? The biggest failure or mistake in business is failing to learn from your entrepreneurship failures. The best entrepreneurs are not defined by failures, but rather by how they deal with them. Navigating difficult situations, both externally and internally, is crucial to being a successful entrepreneur. Our Top 10 of F.A.I.L., part 2:

GDPR Policy – Use of personal data

Our GDPR (General DataProtection Regulation) Policy regarding Use of Personal Data: While most of the information that we receive, especially from customers, is given to us without our asking (CVs, etc), we  make our customers and suppliers aware of how we use their data and check in with them when the situation changes (e.g., after … Continue reading GDPR Policy – Use of personal data

GDPR Policies Werkcenter

Responsibility for GDPR within the organisation The Werkcenter Scotland GDPR (General DataProtection Regulation) policies are updated each year. The contacts within the organisation, including at board level, are Morag Cassidy and Pieter van Schie. Morag Cassidy is contactable on operational level at +447771516474 or m.cassidy@werkcenterscotland.org.uk. Pieter van Schie can be contacted by email: p.vanschie@werkcenterscotland.org.uk. GDPR … Continue reading GDPR Policies Werkcenter

Journey to Work Postponed because of Corona !

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has a big impact on our work and projects. The Journey to Work Programme which would take place in Holland in April/May 2020 will be postponed. Please be aware that as this is a rapidly evolving situation we recommend that you regularly consult our website. You can also consult the … Continue reading Journey to Work Postponed because of Corona !