The Journey of Jamie Alexander – The Impact of Going Dutch !

Jamie Alexander, currently working as care taker for The Action Group and going to University next year, wrote this blog last week (4 years after participating in ‘Going Dutch’ (a.k.a. From Work to Work / 2013).


Journey to Work 2018

We have another Journey to Work / Going Dutch offer for your young people. If  you want to work and live for 6 weeks in Holland, please join our presentation: In 2018 we continue with our Journey to Work programmes (also known as Going Dutch'). The presentation to young people will be in #Edinburgh on: Date: Friday February 2nd 2018 … Continue reading Journey to Work 2018

Journey To Work 2018: Live and work in Holland for 6 weeks!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do, if you graduate from college or when you just finished a certificated programme. Should you pursue a higher education or get a job? Living up to expectations… Young people don’t always know what to do. What if you are stuck and want to break out … Continue reading Journey To Work 2018: Live and work in Holland for 6 weeks!


Werkcenter Scotland Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures 2012 -2018 The management of Werkcenter Scotland does all it can to prevent risks to children and young people from staff and associates, inappropriately designed programmes and poor operational management can also create the possibility of risks to children. 'Keeping Children Safe’ represents a commitment by Werkcenter Scotland … Continue reading CHILD SAFEGUARDING POLICY & PROCEDURES

Whistle blowing procedure

The Werkcenter is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity and accountability and expects employees, students and others who work with the Werkcenter who have serious concerns about any aspect of the Werkcenter ’s work to voice those concerns. As an institution of higher education, adult education, VET, Youth in the Erasmus+ framework the … Continue reading Whistle blowing procedure

Recruitment and engagement of staff, volunteers and associates

Every day thousands of men and women work with children and young people in both paid and unpaid roles, providing them with care, support and new opportunities. The overwhelming majority are safe, conscientious people who keep the children and young people in their care secure and protected. Unfortunately, we know that a small number of individuals … Continue reading Recruitment and engagement of staff, volunteers and associates

Code of conduct for Werkcenter Scotland Staff and Volunteers

Guidelines for staff conduct A code of conduct is a clear and concise guide of what is and is not acceptable behaviour or practice when employed or engaged by Werkcenter Scotland. All staff and associates including volunteers should agree to the code of conduct when they are employed and/or start their job. It is an … Continue reading Code of conduct for Werkcenter Scotland Staff and Volunteers