A Journey to Work Testimonial Teaser featuring Ally

A testimonial from Ally

The recruitment of Journey to Work 4 is currently in progress. A lot of young people already have shown interest to join the project. Ally, a former #JourneyToWork student, is currently writing a blog, to tell us what kind of impact the Erasmus+ Mobility project had on her life and career. Here you are: A … Continue reading A testimonial from Ally

A Social Media Savvy Project

"Facebook, Twitter? I use that everyday. Who needs to be trained in it?" Young Employee sentiment like this has quickly become the stuff of nightmares for companies and employers today. Why? Well, because somebody who grows up being a social media native, doesn’t make them an expert in using social media at work or getting … Continue reading A Social Media Savvy Project

The Key Success Elements of the Journey to Work Programme !

From Work to Work, that’s the way it works! ‘I would recommend to do this project to any young person’, ‘The Journey to Work programme is a amazing opportunity!’ These quotes of our young participants already tell the story. If you look at the employment Statistics it's only getting better: An average of 80% of … Continue reading The Key Success Elements of the Journey to Work Programme !