The Key Success Elements of the Journey to Work Programme !

From Work to Work, that’s the way it works!

‘I would recommend to do this project to any young person’, ‘The Journey to Work programme is a amazing opportunity!’ These quotes of our young participants already tell the story. If you look at the employment Statistics it’s only getting better: An average of 80% of young people into jobs (5 years, covering 4 Journey to Work programmes). And the good news: We are recruiting for Journey to Work 4 (soon more news)!

Let us run you through the employment statistics one more time: Werkcenter Scotland  have successfully finished 4 ‘Journey to Work Programmes. The first programme, titled ‘From Work to Work, that’s the way it Works’ summs it up. From work to Work had a 80% success rate and the ‘on the spot verification ‘ carried out by the UK National Agency Ecorys identified the project as demonstrating ‘Good Practice’, with
very good results (flow 1; 100% into jobs/ flow 2: 60% into jobs). This was backed up by an excellent Review Report of Capital City Partnership . The 2nd programme ‘Journey to Work’, also known as ‘ Going Dutch’ had a similar high success rate (80% as well). 75% of participants (9 out of 12 into jobs), 1 year after their return to Scotland were the result of Journey to Work 2… And currently Journey to Work 3 is finished and has a 87,5% success rate (7 out of 8, but to be fair, we need to check these rates again 1 year after completion).


These statistics only have meaning if it’s backed up by good reviews of their participants. The story of Jamie, 5 years after completing his programme ‘From Work to Work’ : ‘ Before ‘Going Dutch’ I was just you’re average un appreciative teenager leeching of their Jamie and his Dutch girlfriend at Edinburgh Airportparent’ … ‘  I finally started feeling what it was like to work and enjoy working (I know, weird right, I went from partying and living life for free to enjoying working? What is this?). I never thought I would start making a life from this programme but already I was starting to change’ … ‘ If it wasn’t for the Going Dutch programme I would never have gotten anywhere near as far as I am. It taught me a huge appreciation for the things my mum did for me and also for money. This programme is strongly, highly, recommended by me and I promise you, if you follow this programme or fund this programme you will change lives whether like my group it was one person or many people. I would say that your money or time is well founded in this group and the sooner you go the better life will be!’  To read the whole story of Jamie, click here. Other testimonials (The Blog of Rebecca) give a good insight and ‘feel’ of working and living in Holland. Rebecca is currently studying on the university. A lot of issues of young people in was explained in Ewan’s story. It’s  about a Ewan at Tuinwereldyoung person who still does not know exactly what kind of job he likes. Frankly he does not know what to do?  How can he get from here to his dream…And how does ‘A day in Scotland’ look like, before they go on their #JourneyToWork ? Read here the story of Declan. Declan is doing well and has currently ‘a manager’s job at the Bookies’.

3 Success Key Elements

Journey to Work has 3 key elements, which makes the programme so successful, it delivers:

  1. Work Experience
  2. A good functioning network
  3. Quality Coaching

If you want to join ‘Going Dutch’ you need to be motivated, disciplined and be on time !  The young people were a mix of those currently participating in vocational training and recent graduates. They were targeted pre-dominantly when they entered the social benefits system in collaboration with Captial City Partnership (CCP) and their Joined Up for Jobs network (JuFj) (Access to Industry, Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Gate 55, etc…), and Ingeus (the UK Work Programme lead-contractant for Scotland). If you wanted to join ‘Going Dutch’ you needed to be motivated, disciplined and always be on time and communicate well via email and/or WhatsApp! The methodology used is based upon the Werkcenter  Model, and its 1-2-3 methodology and the approach of the host organisations (all of the amazing results were achived in collabouration with the Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFW2W). The partnership provided work (experience) in Holland. Because from work to work is much easier then from benefit to work. The fact that the work was experienced in Holland was an upgrade to their CV as well (stood out in their CV and each potential employer would ask about this experience).

Further: Journey to Work gave good quality coaching, support and guidance to the participants in gaining & improving new knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development and responsibility, to obtain basic work experience & qualifications and/or participation in the local, national and EU labour market. DFW2W is a very experienced partner and was specifically chosen for their broad range of apprenticeships and work placements and specialisation in the Dutch Rotterdam and Randstad area. DFW2W has an educational social inclusion approach & they use person-centred planning &  action-based learning processes. As said, DFW2W has a very broad range of apprenticeships and workplacements in the fields of Welfare, logistics, retail, manufacturing, construction, administration, agriculture and tourism.

Journey to Work made professional use of the networks in the Netherlands (MKB in Rotterdam) and  Scotland (Joined up for Jobs Edinburgh network). A good functioning network is one the three key elements of success.

Last but not least: The intensity of the Dutch Journey

The intensity of the Journey to Work programme empowered the above 3 key elements really stand out. The 6 weeks of working and living in a new surrounding, a foreign country (Holland) accelarated the personal development and own responsibillity  of each young person, more than you could have achieved in a year in the UK.



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