A Journey to Work Testimonial Teaser featuring Ally

A testimonial from Ally

Co-funded by the eUThe recruitment of Journey to Work 4 is currently in progress. A lot of young people already have shown interest to join the project. Ally, a former #JourneyToWork student, is currently writing a blog, to tell us what kind of impact the Erasmus+ Mobility project had on her life and career. Here you are: A little teaser, before we publish her blog in the next weeks or so…

Ally was a student of our the second awared project by the UK National Agency. She is currently working in a job at Scottish Government in Edinburgh. ‘One of the things what the programme has done for me? It gave me a boost in my confidence’ says Ally. ‘Back in the UK it was also pretty clear that my work in the Netherlands really stood out. You can say that my 6-week working period in Holland was a CV upgrade. At each job interview, they asked me about my time in Holland.’ And because Ally had done a ‘job done well’ in Holland, she got a good reference from the director of Werkcenter Scotland, when she applied for her job at Scottish Government. ‘ Yes’, Ally laughed. ‘That was an advantage as well’.

The full story of Ally can be read in a couple of weeks or so… Don’t miss out !!!

A Journey to Work Testimonial Teaser featuring Ally

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