Journey To Work – Live and work in Holland or Spain !

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do, if you graduate from college or when you just finished a certificated programme. Should you pursue a higher education or get a job? Living up to expectations… Young people don’t always know what to do. What if you are stuck and want to break out your ‘normal daily rhythm’? We present a scheme which guides young people from work to work (and/or back to school), which has a 80% success rate. And the good news is, it’s running again November – December 2018.

PhotoGrid_1452372387145The Journey to Work project was undertaken at the request of the Scottish Government and Capital City Partnership (CCP) and has been running since 2013. It was designed to tackle youth unemployment in the city and region around Edinburgh using a different approach: Living and working in Holland or Spain for 6 weeks! The programme provides a series of (digital) Workshops here in Scotland leading to a six week work placement in Spain or the Netherlands , with accommodation arranged, all expenses paid and on top of that food money & culture money and support from the Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work or the Spanish association AEBL.

The project is result-oriented and delivers work experience (and you need work experience to get work experience). Taking part in the programme helps you to develop personally and professionally; you will gain valuable international experience, broaden your horizons, experience new cultures and discover new ways of working. A recent ‘ Journey to Work’ student about his experience: ’I would recommend this programme to my friends …’ ’It was a real good opportunity to meet new people, network and enhance my future employability in Scotland. I am more able to cooperate with people from other backgrounds and cultures and I know much better my strengths and weaknesses’ Another student said:’ I was able to travel and work independently. I stepped out of my comfort zone, but my skills and confidence have increased tremendously’.  For  Journey to Work results and more testimonials: please click this link (Testimonial of Jamie, Testimonial of Ally).

The new Journey to Work Programme will run this Winter, and spring as well, in collabouration with Capital City Partnership and Joined Up for Jobs providers. Are you an UK resident and 18-30 years old? Have you recently graduated from College or a certificated training programme? Are you finding it difficult to get a job ? Are you unsure about what you actually want to do next ? Don’t miss out!  Tell us you want to join and e-mail Morag Cassidy:

Departure to Spain and/or Holland:  Estimated End November /Begin December 2018 by plane from Edinburgh…


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