Journey to Work: Excellent Programme, tackling Youth Unemployment

As you may know, the Journey to Work Programme runs for several years now. This week we received a pretty good feedback from the Erasmus+ UK Agency: ‘Excellent!

The Erasmus+ UK Agency stated: ‘The project has demonstrated excellent relevance to Erasmus+ priorities and the aims and objectives of Key Action 1, in particular that of tackling youth unemployment. It is positive that the objectives have been delivered in line with the aims of application form. Additionally, the project has successfully achieved its objectives which were linked to the needs of the participating organisations. The project has produced high-quality learning outcomes for participants, which are backed up with statistical data, which is very positive. The report demonstrates that the project clearly helped to deliver the beneficiary’s EIS, and this has also been supplemented by a further project being approved. This is a continuation of a strong sequence of projects that have been very successful’ Journey to Work Going Dutch Promotion photo - We are still recruiting !To read more about the succesful key elements of the Journey to Work Programme, click here

If you want to read some anecdotes from the Journey to Work participants, click here: The Story of Jamie or the Story of Ally.

More news soon, about the recruitment process around Journey to Work 4 (to Spain) and Social Media SavvySocial Media Savvy.


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