Being Social Media Savvy in Glasgow

Being Social Media Savvy in Glasgow

Social Media Savvy (#SMS) is a partnership with 3 organisations from Spain (AEBL), Netherlands (Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work) and United Kingdom (Werkcenter Scotland). On 7th and 8th of October 2018 the Social Media Savvy Partnership had a meeting at the offices of Werkcenter Scotland in Glasgow, United Kingdom. During these 2 days we talked a lot about Young People Branding themselves ‘Professionally and Savvy’ on Social Media  

3 SMS partnersSMS Partnership

The SMS partnership has started earlier this year. Our Dutch partner, Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFW2W) have published already a nice overview of the SMS organisations involved: Click here A nice prezi presentation of our Dutch partner can be viewed here” Their presentation can also be read by PDF: 8 10 2018 Happy Introduction DFOIW2W Presentation SMS

The Spanish organisation Asociación Española de Bienestar Laboral (AEBL) is a fairly new partner in the Erasmus+ spectrum (but we already collabourate with them in Journey to Work 4. Their presentation can be viewed here: Presentatie AEBL 8 9 10 2018. On their website and their twitter account they have already published several SMS articles and blogs (in Spanish).

To complete all introductions of the SMS partners we have also included our Werkcenter Scotland presentation: Werkcenter Scotland Glasgow 8 10 2018

The Glasgow minutes will be published shortly. The SMS partnership has agreed to produce e-newsletters. Read the Spanish SMS Newsletter here: Social Media Savvy Boletin Info: Social Media Savvy Newsletter 1 Espagnol

SMS partnership PIC


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