Transnational Savvy Meeting in Spain

The second Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM) of the Social Media Savvy (SMS) Partnership was held in Spain, on the 3rd and 4th of January 2019. A lot of Social Media Savvy Research was done and reviewed during the SMS partnership meeting. 


The partnership was very happy about the progress made so far. We have discussed the Country Reports. It was important to agree that everything is covered. During the meeting we found that not all of the questions can be answered in a proper way, certainly in Spain the benefit system has far less of a social infrastructure as opposed to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. At the end of the days all partners agreed that Part 1 of the National Country Report are covered. We also agreed that part 2, which is about ‘Good Practise’, would be filled in the second year because of the fact that during this project we will still develop workshops, increasing our knowledge around good practice. 

Social Media Research

Social Media Savvy has done some research. Facebook is still the most used social media platform used in sms enewsletter nr 2the world. Keep in mind that with all data disseminated in the country reports that Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook as well (source). The facts and figures in the three SMS countries are that in the Netherlands WhatsApp (11,5) and Facebook (10,8) are on number 1 and 2 with the most users (in millions). In the UK, Facebook (32) is the number 1, and Twitter (20) the number 2, closely followed by YouTube (19,1) and LinkedIn (19). It seems that WhatsApp is not included as a social native application in the UK research, although it’s clear WhatsApp is not that much in use in the UK in relation to the Netherlands and Spain. In Spain there are only 25,5 million users (which seems low for such a big country). Also in Spain Facebook (87%) is topping the charts, followed by WhatsApp (also 87%), then YouTube(69%) and Instagram (49%). Three of four most used Spanish social media is thus owned by Facebook. So, even though Facebook, as a platform is loosing ground as regards to users, as a company they are only getting more users! 

SMS eNewsletters

The SMS eNewsletters have been published in English (scroll up), Dutch and Spanish. We will soon upload the English and Dutch version for your convenience. 


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