And it was a Journey !

The Journey to Work Programme has been very succesfull the last couple of years. Below a few testimonials/blogs from Kyle, John and other ‘Journey to Work 4 Students’, just finished their work experiences in Holland… and it was a journey!

A Day in Scotland

Before our Journey to Work Students travel abroad, we always ask them about their life in Scotland. Kyle:’I am a naturally cautious and nervous person so I was feeling a lot of anxiety about coming to The Netherlands, from going through the airport to where I would be staying and if I would be able to do the job I was tasked with properly, but I was also very optimistic about growing as a person as a result of this oppurtunity and that if I just focused then I would be able to settle in and perform well’.

John:’ I am an active energetic person who gets along with everyone. I am hardworking and like to push myself to new challenges and discover new experiences. I am outgoing and very relaxed, I always try to see the funny side of things but i also know when to take things seriously. It would be great to travel and see what else is out there. I’ve had a rough life and feel getting away for 6 weeks meeting positive people would be an amazing experience as ive never really had an opportunity like this before‘.

A Day in Holland

Kyle 1Kyle: ‘Meeting the people I would be spending my time with and my host family was scary at first but I eventually settled down and started to relax, during my first week or so I was quite quiet and reserved but I began to open up as I became more comfortable. By the end of the trip everything felt normal and I was feeling like I was part of a family away from home. My host family were lovely and made it very easy to enjoy my stay. We had access to everything we needed to survive for ourselves and were told all of the things we could do in the local area to enjoy ourselves and get the supplies we needed. By the final week I was able to go shopping confidently by myself and understand the cashiers when they were speaking Dutch enough to get by (for the most part).’

John; ‘My employer was really happy with me, I was actually offered a job… How about that?’

John: ‘ I worked in the Dordrecht Garden Centre Tuinwereld, which is open everyday of the week. They also sell different types of furniture and have a wide selection of garden patios. They are the most visited garden centre in DordrechtMy work includes selling tools and furniture and lifting equipment. It was a good opportunity for me to develop team work skills. My employer was really happy with me, I was actually offered a job… How about that?’ John was working in a warehouse attached to a garden centre with his peer Jonathan.

Kyle: ‘I thouroughly enjoyed the work I was doing as it let me work to a specification while being able to express myself creatively, designing logos and creating graphics for blogs / websites was something I very much enjoyed doing. During my research work too I was able to learn a lot about The Netherlands and Dutch culture while looking up the things I needed to for my work, it was interesting and eye opening and it kept what might have been mundane tasks interesting. I am very happy with the work I was tasked with and would happily continue doing similar work.’

Dutch Culture

Kyle: ‘The cultural experiences in The Netherlands were also interesting and fun, seeing the cities and learning the public transport was exciting and I became more confident the more I got used to getting the bus into Rotterdam or walking to the center of Papendrecht to see the shops and the sights. The architecture in The Netherlands was beautiful and I am incredibly glad I was able to see it. Getting the Metro and bus to Rotterdam was an interesting experience and made a trip to the city much more interesting, seeing how people commute into cities in Holland and seeing the bustling cities in a different country openend my eyes about wanting to live abroad. I felt very welcome and comfortable in Holland and the locals were very friendly and made this experience even more welcoming.’

‘A very positive Experience’

Kyle: ‘Overall I would say I had a very positive experience in The Netherlands and I definitely plan on moving out of the UK and trying to work and live abroad at some time in the future. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is offered it, it will help you grow as an individual and will show you the positives of living abroad.’

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