Young Migrant Entrepreneurs

The YME project is a EU-partnership with 5 countries (Turkey, Romania, Italy, Netherlands and United Kingdom). It’s focused on young entrepreneurs. The project partners were assembled on the basis of their expertise in developing entre / intrapreneurial and intercultural skills, in relation to entrepreneurship capacity building youth work  and coaching, their expertise in designing and delivering learning, ability to create innovative material with the use of Social Media and their reach to young migrants and professionals in this sector.

Co-funded by the eUEU Partnership on Young Entrepreneurship

The emphasis of the YME-project is on the practical link between, building up a bridge between youth work and Entrepreneurship capacity building, between youth worker, immigrant case worker and the young migrants while they are in asylum, or already formally approved to stay in the YME-country to go in education (or entering education again), is what makes this project new & exciting. Supported with the idea that there is a considerable debate about the extent to which entrepreneurial qualities can be taught, i.e., about the teachability of entrepreneurship in relation to youth work, several authors agree that entrepreneurial qualities can be developed through training at an early age (Ellis/Williams:2011). The YME-partnership adopts in principle this point of view and focuses (after identifying) on assessing, supporting youth workers and immigration case workers in developing the entrepreneurial skills and qualities with young migrants

Did you know these Statistics?

Did you know that immigrants and Scottish returnee emigrants are nearly twice as likely to be actively trying to start a business or run their own business, compared with Scottish non-migrants. This is also the case for Scottish and RUK in-migrants who are 24% and 67% more likely to be involved in early-stage entrepreneurial activity.

What is the meaning of entrepreneurial qualities?

It means the right attitude towards a business and the determination and grit to achieve success. A young successful entrepreneur has a strong inner drive that helps him or her to succeed

What is entrepreneurial teaching?

Entrepreneurial teaching is entrepreneurial education. Entrepreneurial education refers to the development of a certain type of personality which we are to call entrepreneurial personality… It means to complete the profile of teacher’s competences in order for them to capitalize the educational opportunities and to generate projects of school and professional development.

YME PartnershipResults

YME will not only identify which traits & capabilities of the entrepreneur influence business success, but will also make a framework to support youth workers and immigration case workers to identify this as early as possible in the age group (aged 14-18). We will combine scientific knowledge with practice to develop a theoretical framework and combine this with practical Turkish & EU schemes already running for efficient and effective plementation to identify and support young migrant entrepreneurs. We will collect the entrepreneurial experiences with YME and e-guidance in different countries and combine these experiences as a practical guide (support packages for the youth worker /immigrant case worker and the young migrant entrepreneur).

Soon more news !

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