YME Special Meetings Istanbul

The last months of 2019 are very important for the project Young Migrant Entrepreneurs (YME). That’s why Werkcenter Scotland organised a few special meetings in Istanbul with the Bogazici University to discuss the concept national YME Reports and how to progress with the YME project. Some information can already be found on the website www.ymeproject.com. There you wil also find information of other partners involved (link to partner page) : the Turkish Ministry of Education, POLITECHNICA University Bucaresti, Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work and CPA.

Istanbul Meetings

Meeting YME Bogazici.pngThe Istanbul meetings were very important, because in a few weeks time YME will have another Transnational meeting in Lanciano, Italy. We will publish the Italian YME Agenda soon. Each package actually has been started and the focus during thi meeting will be more and more on the development of the Entrepreneurial Support Packages (Activities or services to support entrepreneurship) of the young entrepreneurs and their trainers c.q. youthworkers. At the meeting in Italy we will have our first Learning Mobility in Istanbul were parts of the support packages will be tested and improved. These ideas can vary ‘From Idea to start Up’ to ‘social media start up marketeer strategies’. To define young migrant entrepreneurs we follow the EC definition: Young migrant (including refugee) legally residing in the EU with ambitions to become an entrepreneur, or with experience in entrepreneurship. This project is open for all young entrepreneurs, but will also have some targeted support schemes: Activities or services targeted specifically at young migrants, which aims to help them become entrepreneurs

Follow up YME
In this stage of the project we already have decided that it would be wise to do a follow up, which is focused on a ‘hands on approach’, and which involves the implementation and operationalisation of entrepreneurial hubs. We strongly recommend to add the element of exchange of young migrants entrepreneurs (e.g. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs) to take into consideration (Ambition is key !). In the follow up of YME the capacity and willingness to develop, organise, and manage a business venture should be focused on practice by doing!

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