Social Media Savvy Learning Mobilities

Last week the SMS Partnership have had a very amazing learning mobility week with our young #SMS Delegates. The young delegates have been talking a whole week on topics such as cyber security, social media tips and tricks, social media presence, best profile pics.

Learning Mobilites: For Young People By Young People

The Learning Mobilities in Seville made it more easy for this partnership to progress with their savvy work. The young delegates have created, developed and experienced SMS tools they want to use and think need on their journey from school to work. In Seville we were able to connect the smart Phone and social media fun experience of the young people with work. Talks about a professional digital identity were very good to gain any kind of knowledge around social media use and job search or any kind of work experience and improvement of their career development. In the workshops given in Seville the young delegates developed Social Media Savvy tools which will help them to apply their smart phone experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. in connection with the world of work.

Group photo SMS 2The Learning Mobilities have showed us a lot of methods and synergised the SMS partners and delegates into testing, developing and finetuning a very attractive Social Media Savvy Programme.


Our Spanish partner AEBL was the host organisation of the learning mobilities in Seville. AEBL have already wrote a nice article on their website about the SMS Mobility week and will update in the next few weeks on deliverables made.


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