SMS E-Newsletter 4

The final meeting of the Social Media Savvy(SMS) Consortium was held in Glasgow, Scotland, on January 27th-28th 2020. The most important topic during the final meeting was how to ensure that the SMS website remains up-to-date and actually provides support for young people and youth workers in the digital world.

Working On SMSThe SMS Partnership agreed that all social media linked to must continue to take place after the official completion of the SMS project. That means that the development of SMS needs to be further developed over time. When new social media is emerging, young people should also receive “advice and tricks”: In addition to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so also SnapChat and TikTok …

Cyber Security

Data is now the most valuable resource in the world! SMS would like to point out that you must do your best to protect your data. Otherwise you will have to deal with poor publicity, ID fraud, theft and a damaged reputation. It is very disturbing that we can established that your social media can increasingly be hacked by malicious parties. We recommend that you are aware and recognize this! When GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation is delivered, you must be increasingly aware of how you can protect all your data on your mobile. The easiest way to deal with these developments is to have a third party store your data on a secure, off-site server. Then you only need to worry about the cyber security on your side of the fence. More tips will follow soon (i.c.w. young people) !

SMS e Newsletter 4 Pic

PDF SMS Newsletter 4 – English


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