Journey to Work Postponed because of Corona !

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has a big impact on our work and projects. The Journey to Work Programme which would take place in Holland in April/May 2020 will be postponed. Please be aware that as this is a rapidly evolving situation we recommend that you regularly consult our website. You can also consult the Erasmus+ website(s), and subscribe to their newsletter(s) in each case, as appropriate.

Why Social Distancing is important? And our measures taken!

The biggest problem many countries are currently facing with respect to the coronavirus is, strictly speaking, a mathematical one: exponential growth. Due to the fact that COVID19 is a new type of coronavirus, there is no herd immunity, meaning that everybody is susceptible to infection and the virus is likely to spread exponentially. The Statista chart (below), based on a simplified example, illustrates how important it is to slow the virus’ spread early on. It’s clear that we need to take our measures with our own programmes. Therefore we cancel all our mobility flows regarding Journey to Work.

Social Distancing

Soon more news about the Corona situation in relation to our projects (Journey to Work, Young Migrant Entrepreneurs, etc.). We keep you posted !


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