F.A.I.L (Part 2)

You should see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow in your business: F.A.I.L.: First Attempt in Learning. Did you already read F.A.I.L Part 1? The biggest failure or mistake in business is failing to learn from your entrepreneurship failures. The best entrepreneurs are not defined by failures, but rather by how they deal with them. Navigating difficult situations, both externally and internally, is crucial to being a successful entrepreneur. Our Top 10 of F.A.I.L., part 2:

Social Media Savvy 2

"A 29th state is currently emerging within the borders of the European Union. It is the state where people without jobs live. A state in which young people became unemployed; a state in which we see people excluded, set back and left by the wayside. I would like this 29th Member State to become a … Continue reading Social Media Savvy 2