Social Media in the UK

The partnership Social Media Savvy – Part 2 has kicked off a couple of months ago. Werkcenter Scotland is responsible for the SMS platform development. The SMS Platform is a tailor made platform for young people and their youth workers, trainers and coaches, totally focused on branding yourself profesionally for the jobsmarket or self-employment.

Werkcenter Scotland

Werkcenter is the coordinator of the SMS2- partnership. Werkcenter has the lead in developing the SMS platform. Werkcenter is an international social enterprise that focuses on 4 groups, namely: unemployed (young) people (e.g.
recent graduates from VET schools), production companies, employers & governmental bodies. The policy of WS is: deliver a constructive contribution to the improvement of the social position, racial and gender equality of young unemployed people & the unemployed in general. The Werkcenter philosophy is ‘From Work to Work; that’s the way it works’, a comprehensive local approach which is taken up to regional, national & international level where Werkcenter is the centre
of the re-entry of young people from education to work/entrepreneurship or from ‘credits’ to a work situation.

Social Media in the UK

There were 53 million social media users in the United Kingdom in January 2021 (Source Hootsuite). The number of social media users in the United Kingdom increased by 2.3 million (+4.4%) between 2020 and 2021. The number of social media users in the United Kingdom was equivalent to 77.9% of the total population in January 2021. The UK social media platform statistics haven’t changed dramatically, except for the continued growth in popularity of TikTok. The average number of social media accounts per social media user in the UK is 6.9 (for 16–64-year-olds). There is dramatic user overlap too. This means that if you use social media it is almost certain that you use multiple platforms. Users will have a preferred platform and spend more time on it than on others but are still a potential audience for brands elsewhere too. More news about social media in the UK in our next blog (coming soon)

Social Media Savvy Platform

The SMS Platform will be developed for collaboration, for an integrated access to all the ‘job search’ social media savvy and brand ‘I’ educational resources developed and used. The platform should also function as a Social Media Savvy Forum, were young people, teachers and trainers can find information, discuss and ask questions. The SMS platform should facilitate the answers and also function as a helpdesk.

We start with the development and building in the SMS2 consortium, but during the project from outside the partnership, information, services and tools (building on Good Practice) can be produced and shared on the SMS2 platform. The platform will use the Open Educational Resource (OER) approach. It offers high-quality self-study materials that are centered towards young people wanting to learn about being professional social media savvy, young jobseekers and young entrepreneurs. All didactic materials will be realized in digital format, available on line and free from copyright. This will allow re-use, changes and easy distribution.

The final aim is to contribute as much as possible to the achievement of UNESCO 2002 objectives & European strategy “Opening up Education”,focused on the accessibility of knowledge, ideas, didactic methodologies, training infrastructure,tools to be shared and not necessary structured inside fixed social media educative project. By using the SMS2 platform we will attract peer young jobseekers and young entrepreneurs and peer mentors, (and professionals and experts in the SMS2-countries and the EU).

The SMS Platform is exclusively focused on young people, teaching and training them to be a professional social media user and how to brand themselves savvy, preparing and supporting them for their first steps on the jobsmarket and entrepreneurial steps, self-educating them, starting up their own business. Firstly, the services will be provided by the SMS2 partners, later providing and sharing SMS2 services, from outside the SMS2 consortium, and outside the SMS hubs. The learning platform, will be connected to the SMS website ( and is a framework of tools & services that work seamlessly together to deliver young people and entrepreneurs a centric social media learning experience by unifying educational theory & practice, technology and artificial neural network content (also using social media for educational purposes)

Our aim is to create much more than a ‘1-stop e-shop’, actively engages end-users and guides them through the digital social media jobsmarketplace, and provides benefits to young leaders with enterprise-scale controls. It will be targeted on young entrepreneurs with information and empowerment business and network Services, with user friendly assessments (social media savvy passport), and training all on 1 platform: more specialized and more flexible—in other words, more modular.

The project Social Media Savvy 2 is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union. You can follow @Werkcenter on Instagram and Twitter: Click here. Watch also our last video on SMS 2.

Project Website:


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