Multiplier Event Social Media Savvy 2: Successful from ‘Rhetoric to Practice’

The project Social Media Savvy Part 2 is made by young people with young people for young people and is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union. And on June 28th 2022 the partnership Social Media Savvy Part 2 will organise their final big event. This multiplier event will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands and is hosted by the dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work. The agenda is packed with interesting presentations and workshops about Being Professional and Social Media Savvy.

A Successful journey From ‘rhetoric to practice’

From ‘rhetoric to practice’ to make SMS2 a ‘lifelong learning Erasmus+ social media savvy reality’: That was the aim of the SMS2 multiplier event in Holland on June 28th 2022. At the end of the day, lots of activities, workshops and presentations the feedback was pretty good. A short interview at the end of the day with Pieter van Schie, director Werkcenter Scotland, initiator of the Social Media Savvy partnership and moderator of the SMS 2 multiplier event in Holland.

How did it go? Are you happy with the programme today?

,,It was a very enjoyable day. The idea was that young people who lack work experience, but do have a lot of smartphone experience can self-educate themselves by visting our SMS2 products and are being launched into the jobsmarket”

Pieter van Schie MA, initiator of the SMS 2 Project

That’s pretty optimistic

,,Yes, well… I am an optimistic person. I believe that you can direct your own journey to work. And ofcourse we have teached and trained them, to own and use their personal brand, the brand ‘I’: A professional digital identity ‘I’ as the first step to gain any kind of formal work experience which leads to a substantial improvement of career development. The SMS Platform and SMS Passport are key on this social media savvy journey to work.”

Can you tell us how the SMS Passport works? Is it only targeted on young people, on the young and the jobless?

,,The Final Conference was a big success. Lots of young people were really happy about the SMS Platform and the SMS Passport and how you could self-educate yourself, upgrade yourself! The SMS Passport is an assessment tool that measures how savvy you are at the start. And you can track your progress after you have scrolled on the SMS Platform and self-educated yourself, going to the three e-modules, regarding the Brand I, how to be savvy on social media and much more. The modules are a support tool for the young jobseeker and young entrepreneur to make a strong Brand ‘I’.

SMS 2 Network Break

It’s also crucial to help to translate this to the youth workers, how they can support in the use of the SMS2 products into practice. In a way you need to convince these professionals that the SMS2 intelectual outputs are of real value in identifying the added value of SMS2 and guiding and training young people into jobs with social media assistance’. The SMS Passport does a zero-measurement , and young people can upgrade their skills and they can track their progress as well. A self-evaluation test ‘job well done’will automatically sent a SMS certification in your mail inbox. I think thats’a great concept.”

The SMS 2 Multiplier Event Agenda


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