SMS 2 Days

The project Social Media Savvy 2 organizes SMS 2 Days. On June 23th 2021, Werkcenter Scotland explained the mission and vision of the project and showcased the website and work we have been doing on the SMS Platform so far. A group of Communication and Marketing students discussed what SMS should bring to the table… Why would young people go to Social media Savvy? The digital event turned out to be ‘pretty amazing’

Q & A

Anouk, Bente, Isabel, Cato and Jet attended the SMS 2 Day. A couple of questions and answers which the students thought were very important to answer during SMS 2 Days were:

Why use Social media Savvy?
SMS2 is here to make the transition from study to work easier for graduates to make.

How should we use Social Media Savvy?
SMS2 offers guidance, advice and tips and tricks for building a personal smart/savvy brand (‘the brand I’).

SMS2 provides guidance to her clients’ social media and then a to find a nice/good job.


One of the feedbacks was that ‘social Media Savvy should be more easy to find the wesbite”… and eventually the platform (when finished). The students also said that that ”they expect guidance with the professionalizing of your own brand and achieving more visibility on social media”.

One of the biggest points for Social Media Savvy is that the social media accounts should be successful. The website must be easy for the target group to find. The other social media channels, such as Instagram and Twitter must be very clear and easy to find as well.

Feedback was also that the target group of SMS2 is often students and therefore they have little income: ”It is the right choice not to charge for the SMS2 services and facilities. Because Social Media Savvy has not been around for a long time and is not yet very well known, there is not much consumer confidence yet. This makes it wise as Social Media Savvy keeps its services free”. It is important that the website in terms of corporate identity remains up-to-date and thus grows with the times: ”It is also important that, as soon as here there is a demand for it, an app could be developed to social media Savvy also as an application on every phone. This way they grow with time and they are becoming more accessible…”

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Tips and Tricks

During the SMS 2 Day we also discussed what students expect. It is clear that the target group not only wants tips and tricks for a job application but also for upgrading of their social media platforms. 63.3 percent of respondents of a SMS2 Survey, done before SMS, a platform upgrade for a job interview and want guidance with that. They want to learn how to make LinkedIn profile more professional or how their profile can be matched with the function of the company. An important question in the survey is how the target group prefers to receive the information. The respondents could choose from videos, blogs, podcast or an online conversation. The answers to this question are quite different. A large majority chose to receive the content via videos (66.6 percent). 16.6 percent opted for a blog. Surprisingly, 10 percent answered that they are also open to an online conversation. The students adviced that SMS should be active on Instagram. This was backed up by a survey. The respondents were allowed to enter more than one answer. 100% of the target group uses instagram. Where there are still many opportunities for SMS2. Facebook (70 percent) and LinkedIn (63.3 percent) were also mentioned a lot. SMS2 should also set up a LinkedIn page was the feedback of the students. Because SMS2 offers help in the field of job search, work and self-development, LinkedIn would be an excellent platform for SMS2.


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