SMS2 Partnership Meets finally in Campobasso

The Social Media Savvy 2 Partnership had already kicked off in January 2021, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic limitations it was the first time partner organisations ARES, Dutch Foundation of Innovation welfare 2 Work and Werkcenter Scotland met in person in Campobasso. The meeting in Italy on December 6th-7th 2021 was pretty successful. The SMS2 partnership could move forward on the path paved during the monthly Zoom meetings. At the office of ARES we were able to get more detail on the progress made on the SMS Platform and the Social Media Savvy Passport, including rescheduling our other transnational project meetings.

First Face-to-Face Meeting Partner Organisations in Italy

The second Transnational Meeting of Social Media Savvy 2 was held in Italy’s Campobasso. After the digital Kick off in Glasgow, that was held online due to covid-19 and the additional national travel restrictions, we were finally able to meet face to face. Our Italian partner ARES gave us a warm welcome and our stay in Italy was very pleasant and productive. During the meeting we discussed many topics (Italian SMS2 Days – 28 December 2021), Marketing Plan SMS2, Social Media Savvy Passpport, SMS Platform (, blogs and articles on our

SMS2 Newsletters

The first SMS2 Newsletter has been published in english, Dutch and Italian. Currently we are developing the 2nd newsletter (December 2021). The third newsletter will be published in January 2022…

SMS Platform

We need to get the SMS Platform more visible on the website. So we agreed to make a button on the website, which will forward the visitor to the platform:

Social media Savvy Passport

The frame work of the social media savvy passport is set up around the branding of yourself: The Brand ‘I’. The idea is that young people can rate themselves on their social media skills (a zero measurement) and then will learn how to improve their skils and do the test again. When they reach a certain level (‘good’) they will receive a social media savvy passport as a certification. ARES has the lead of this work package.

During the meeting in Campobasso we discussed that the passport will cover more or less 6 or 7 topics. Each topic will have 5 – 15 questions about the topic: If a young person gives the wrong answer, s/he will be forwarded to the module(s) which gives the answers. The Social Media Savvy Passport is a digital passport for young people to social media success on their journey to work or entrepreneurial journey. So, the SMS Passport provides e-learning modules regarding the Brand I. The modules are a support tool for the young jobseeker and young entrepreneur to make a strong Brand ‘I’.

As you think through all of the options for for getting involved in social media the Social Media Savvy Passport will probably address several general social media services around branding yourself profesional savvy, like:

  • The first impression – How can we make a good first impression
  • Social Networks – Services that allow you to connect with other people of similar interest and background usually they consist of a profile various ways to interact with other users,ability to setup groups, etc. (e.g.: Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Social News – Services that allow people to post various news items or links to outside articles and then allows it’s users to “vote” on the items. The voting is core social aspect as items that get the
    most votes are displayed the most prominently. The community decides which item get seen by more (e.g.: Digg, Reddit)
  • Media Sharing – Services that allow you to upload and various media such as pictures and videos. Most services have additional social features such as profiles,commenting, etc. (e.g.: YouTube,
    Instagram, Flickr)
  • Micro Blogging – Services that focus on short updates that are pushed out to anyone subscribed to receive the updates (e.g.:Twitter)
  • Crticial Thinking

During the Learning mobilities in Campobasso we will ask young people what they expect to get from the social media savvy passport. The digital skills assessment from YES is maybe a good example to learn from on how to proceed with our SMS Pasport:

Discussing the

In the evening we went to a traditional restaurant where they serve zero kilometer food. The atmosphere was relaxed and this was the time to deepen and expand the current partnership, really connecting with each other, strenghtening the working relationship and upgrading the project results as well. Moreover, it has an inspiring effect on all partner organisations. The commitment creates the basis for the implementation of the joint results.

Important SMS2 Dates

  • SMS2 Days

We have done two SMS2 Days in Holland and Scotland in June 2021. The Dutch and Scottish will organise SMS2 Days in their countries in 2022 as well. The first SMS2 Days of ARES will be done December 28th 2021: ARES will also do another SMS2 Days in 2022.

  • LTT / Learning Blended Mobility Campobasso

The SMS2 Partnership agreed to organise the Learning Mobility during the period 3rd -7th January 2022. Currently we are developing the training programme.

  • Transnational Project Meeting The Netherlands (May 18th-19th 2022)
  • SMS2 Multiplier Event Netherlands: May 20th 2022


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