Learning Mobilities Campobasso

The Learning Mobilities have kicked off with the first training day on January 3rd 2022. The blended mobility took place in Campobasso (Italy), in between TPM2 (also Italy) and TPM3 (Holland) on January 3rd-7th 2022. ARES was our hostpartner organisation and they invited a lot of stakeholders, young people and young entrepreneurs to add value to the Learning mobilities. Also the work of DFW2W and Werkcenter Scotland was showcased. The short 5-day training course was organized with the involvement of not only the project partners, but also young people from the three partner countries.

Nothing is going to stop us (Not even Corona)

It was not easy to organize the learning mobilities, because the activities took place during the height of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. But after numerous contacts and exchanges of phone calls and emails between the project partners, it was decided that, with many precautions, the training activity would take place face-to-face in Campobasso. Three Dutch boys, accompanied by a trainer and three Scottish boys, also accompanied by their trainer and four Italian boys took part in the learning mobility.

Sharing is Caring

After a detailed presentation of the project content and activities, there were some training interventions by trainers of ARES communication experts. Massimiliano Muzio (ARES) stimulated the young participants by involving them in a game to explain the web reputation and Annamaria Cacchione (ARES) intrigued them with a presentation entitled “Sharing is Caring. Choose your content carefully! The guys, despite being experts in the use of social media, were very surprised by how important their online reputation is for job search and/or professional use. Pieter van Schie (WS) explained the use of the SMS2 platform and the importance of obtaining the SMS2 Passport after completing the online training to become a Social Media Savvy. During the last two days of the training, the participants had the opportunity to discuss and collaborate independently to find interesting content that could be published both on the project website and on the platform, and to contribute ideas for the project activities.

The focus during the LTT of the Dutch, Scottish and Italian participants was to:
* Experience the first drafts of the developed IOs, give feedback and provide ideas for new ones;
* Experience the SMS Passport material, to identify excatly how to support the development of the social media savvy skills. During the LTT also professionals and trainers were involved and also local teachers, youthworkers and students as well.
* To identify how to support young people in their job search and creating their own business, improving their social digital ID and create social media support packages for the teacher and young people how to do this;
* Set the basis for further development of the IOs and the social media savvy 2 support packages provided on the SMS Platform*Experienced good practice regarding e-learning and e-teaching
* Experienced on website, on line portal; feedback and ideas for changes;
* Developed and took actions for details and improvements regarding the support packages for the trainers and young people;

Rebecca, at the LTT, Campobasso January 5th 2022

The participants have:
* Given advice and proposed concrete elements for setting the basis for the SMS2 Support Packages for the young people and how the trainers could use this in their advantage after the end of the project
* Experienced the drafts of the developed Work Package outputs, and provided ideas for improvement and adaptation;
* Experienced some workshops which identified and supported development of social media skills using online tools for both hard and soft skills. Not only students have been involved, but trainers and teachers as well. The course and its materials that have been created, the workshops conclusions, the virtual companies online competition idea (which has been implemented during the SMS2 Days and the multiplier event in Holland) have been incorporated at partners teaching and training regular activities.

The main objectives were: Identifying and supporting students creating their own social media profiles by taking full informed responsibility for the decisions and develop new lines of reflection and actions for improving their social media use.

We have also brainstormed how transfer the SMS2 material and content through Train the Trainer sessions. These activities of ARES have been followed up in the other SMS2 countries.

SMS 2 Learning, Teaching and Training Activities Agenda

Take a peak at the programme we run in Campobasso, below:


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